Invest Your GTA$: How To Invest In Grand Theft Auto V Stock Markets

Invest Your GTA$

If you have managed to rack up a decent amount of Cash you should invest into the Grand Theft Auto V Stock Market for the long-term. Invest your funds and watch your money grow, as your bond to come across more during regular Grand Theft Auto V gameplay. GTA 5 Character Franklin has a series of assassination Missions are almost always tied to corporate sabotage and market rigging. Listen closely to Lester as he drops stock tips during Mission descriptions.


For example, if you’re assassinating the CEO of a multinational pharmaceutical firm, invest in their competitor. And note that you can pause and check recent dialogue in the system menus if you miss anything!

Once you begin an assassination mission, you will no longer be able to switch to another character.  As each character has their own wallet and portfolio, It may be worth your time to research the mission you are about to take on, so that you can cycle through all three characters to invest in the counter stock.  No sense in letting Franklin monopolize all the gains!  Alternatively, the market response is somewhat delayed, so you can invest immediately after you have done the deed and still capture almost all of the gains.

How To Invest Your Cash

Remember after every assassination, save your game at any safe house a few times to fast forward to the time of the highest return. Remember, always invest all your cash on all three characters. Just note that the return percentage may vary from game to game.

  • Hotel Assassination: Invest in Betta Pharmaceuticals (BAWSAQ) before the mission. Look for a 40-50% return.
  • Multi-target Assassination: Invest in Debonaire (LCN) before the mission. Look for a 80-90% return. Immediately invest in Redwood (LCN) after selling your Debonaire stock as Redwood will see a rapid 300% increase within days.
  • Vice Assassination: Invest in Fruit (BAWSAQ) before the mission. Look for a 50-60% return.
  • Bus Assassination: Invest in Vapid (BAWSAQ) after the mission. Ignore any graphs or green/red arrows, if the stock’s current value is well below the “low” value, then invest. Look for a 80-90% return after one or two in-game days (the stock will remain at its “low” value during that time, after which it will spike), although a return as high as 150% may occur.
  • Construction Assassination: Invest in GoldCoast (GCD) before the mission. Look for a 80-90% return. Pleas note that Gold Coast isn’t a company that deals with Gold!


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