Infinite Money In GTA 5: Grand Theft Auto 5 Infinite Money Exploit

Infinite Money In Gta 5 Exploit –

Here I will explain the Infinite Money Exploit, this process is to be repeated in order for you to get infinite money. Now when I say “infinite money” I don’t mean that you will automatically receive unlimited cash, I simply mean that there is a way to keep getting a certain amount with various hidden packages in various locations throughout GTA 5.


Infinite money

To start getting Infinite Money you will need to go head over to the western side (Pacific Ocean) of the map using two different characters. For this infinite money example I used Micheal and Franklin. At these locations you will find hidden packages totaling $34,000. What makes this an infinite money tactic is the fact the the packages will re-spawn each time you switch between characters. Lets say for example you have Micheal at the first location, you will then need to move Franklin to the second location. Once there you basically swim down and collect the hidden package. After the Micheal has collected the first package at his location, switch to Franklin and swim down and collect the second package at his location. Then you switch back to Micheal and the package will have re-spawned. These enables you to get infinite money as long as you keep repeating this process. Grab up a cool Million with the first 15 minutes with this infinite money exploit. Don’t worry about oxygen levels as they will be restored upon switching between each character. Also remember DO NOT quick save your game during this infinite money exploit, if you do you will have to start all over at your characters house.

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Infinite Money

Paleto Bay also has an infinite money location, the Way Point location located in the far north western area. Once you have reached this location you will first need to quick save your game, as you may run out of oxygen and drown. Below there is a sunken plane wing located on the ocean floor, here is where your infinite money package worth $12,000 is located. You will need to swim down, collect the money, swim back up to the surface, save your game, then reload the saved game. After you reload the saved game, the package below would have re-spawned and you can go grab it again. You can repeat this infinite money exploit as many times as needed. You may also want to refer to the method above and utilize multiple characters to get even more cash.


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